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dark_liandrin [userpic]
Cat weirdness . . .
by dark_liandrin (dark_liandrin)
at 3rd June 2008 (23:57)

current mood: cheerful

Hi, my name is Liandrin, and I own two male cats, Jean-Claude and Thatz. They are both fat and spoiled and far too in love with themselves, as most cats are. They are also really weird (why else would I be posting here???)

Once, Jean-Claude was on my desk while I was typing on the computer, trying to steal my attention, and he stood up on his hind legs and kind of sat there, just staring at something on the ceiling >_> I got my camera . . .


Ruadhan J McElroy [userpic]
Litter Box weirdness
by Ruadhan J McElroy (newdance)
at 29th May 2008 (14:21)

My room-mate and I have a total of three cats.  Because there are three cats, we have two litter-boxes.  When there were only two cats, we had only one simply because the cats didn't mind sharing; but now with three, it just made sense to have two if only because more cats equals more cat crap, and more crap means one litter box will fill up faster than two.  Makes sense so far, yes?

Well, over the last month or so (the new cat is a kitten my room-mate picked up from a co-worker back in October, she's about ten months old now), the three cats have decided, completely on their own, apparently, that one litter box is for pooping, and the other is for weeing.  I have no idea how they came to this conclusion, but both my room-mate and myself have witnessed this in action by all three cats.  Sometimes, they'll even go from one litter box to the other in the same trip to the bathroom (both litter boxes are in the bathroom because I can't stand having defecation happening in my kitchen — the kitchen is where food is born).  They just suddenly started doing this and for no real reason that either one of us advanced primates can figure out, and only just around April, earliest in March.  Only thing that's really changed is that the kitten has gotten bigger.

x-posted to my own journal

The Childlike Empress of Fantastica [userpic]
by The Childlike Empress of Fantastica (crazy_catlady)
at 18th February 2008 (15:21)

current mood: weird

Hello! My name is Kiera. I've just joined, obviously. I have four cats, and they are all kinds of weird.

 One, in particular, Snowflake, is a wacko. He tends to run around the house at top speed. He zigzags through large rooms, and I've never seen a cat zigzag before. When he runs, he meows as loud as he can. My theory was that he gets upset when I'm not in the room, because he attached himself to me. I was wrong. Occasionally, he runs and then stops at a door or window and meows. He's never been an outside cat. I tried to see if he does it at certain times of the day, or before a thunderstorm, but nope. He freaks out at random times, running and zigzagging and staring at people with those wide, psycho eyes. If anything, it provides entertainment. That, ladies and gentlemen is my weird cat.

One of them, anyway.

Ruadhan J McElroy [userpic]
Door Frames Must Die
by Ruadhan J McElroy (newdance)
at 15th February 2008 (22:20)
current song: Kino - My hotim tancevat'

I will return with some video, maybe photos.

This kitten, Buggle, she's always... running up door frames, especially the one at the bathroom.

I have no idea what she thinks she's doing, but it's this weirdness that was actually the inspiration for the community.

Ruadhan J McElroy [userpic]
An oldie but goodie...
by Ruadhan J McElroy (newdance)
at 11th February 2008 (18:54)

current location: Ann Arbor, MI
current mood: dorky
current song: Cobra - It's Not the Age of Amusement

A few months ago, my room-mate's cat, Fat Bob, was sitting in my computer room.  As is his way, he was sitting on the box of CD-R's that was about about 46° South-East behind me and with one side pressed against the wall.

Now, this would not have been too weird, except for the fact that Bob was staring at the wall for about an hour.

When I finally said, "Bob, quit staring at the wall," he very delicately — I think the term is "turning on a dime" a perfect 180° around to stare at me, instead.

And, just to bring people up to speed, I'm Ruadhan (pronounced like a slurring-together of "Rowan" and "ruin"). I live with three cats: Fat Bob (age 13 years, my room-mate's adult cat), Vermin (age about 6 or 7 years, my cat), and "Buggle" (my room-mate's kitten, about four-and-a-half months old at this time).

Ruadhan J McElroy [userpic]
Moderator Intro!
by Ruadhan J McElroy (newdance)
at 11th February 2008 (18:10)

current location: Ann Arbor, MI
current mood: full
current song: Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

I have just created myweirdcat; a community for photos and stories by people who have weird cats who do weird things.  Stories, even little short things only about a paragraph long, are highly encouraged.  As is actual weirdness — cuteness is great, but come on, there are already a billion LJ comms dedicated to cuteness.  This is a community for WEIRDNESS.

To give you an idea...

"What my cat humped today..." = Good Post :-)

"My kitten did the sweetest thing today..." = Bad Post :-(

"Here's a YouTube video of my cat dragging a teddy bear around the coffee table..." = Good Post :-D

"Here's a photo of my wide-eyed kitten..." = Bad Post D-:

In other words, plain ol' "cuteness" will get deleted.  If you want to do that, keep it to kittypix and caturday or at least somewhere else.

Post only photos and videos (and, by proxy, stories) of your own weird cat.  The only exception is if you're a room-mate or close friend or relative of the other person's weird cat and they don't have an LJ or any desire whatsoever to join this community — and in the case of the latter, linking to public entries is best, but C&P posting of locked entries is OK with permission, only! (Basically, get your friend to comment on your entry here that it's OK that you post this.)  Public entries should probably be linked to with permission, as well, just so that the other person will know why there's a sudden flood of comments.


"My mother's cat is in heat and today she..." = OK

"This random cat macro still or YouTube video I found..." = Not OK

Remember, this community is called MY Weird Cat.

OK, now that I have this out of the way, happy posting!  :-D

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